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Did you know Who was appointed first Granthi of Guru Granth Sahib – Gurmat Quiz | Sikh History | Sikhism Quiz | Gurmat Gyan

The first Granthi was Baba Buddha Ji. Although only seven years old, Baba Buddha Ji would come regularly to listen to the singing of hymns that Guru Nanak initiated to be sung daily in the Amrit Vela. Guru Nanak noticed him. Baba Buddha’s name at that time was Bhai Bura. One day Guru Nanak asked Bhai Bura why he came in Amrit Vela rather than sleep or eat or play as other young children his age would do. Bhai Bura responded that he had observed that when his mother asked him to light a cooking fire he saw that the smaller sticks burned before the larger sticks. Since that day he said he thought his death might come at any time. Therefore, he enjoyed hearing Guru Nanak’s hymns of the Divine.

Guru Nanak said that he was wise like an old man and named him Baba Buddha Ji which means “wise old man.” Baba Buddha Ji remained in the company of the five Gurus who succeeded Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Baba Buddha Ji had the unique honor of being the one to bestow the crown of Guru to each of these five Gurus.

When Guru Arjan Dev completed his compilation of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib in 1604, two Granths were installed in the Golden Temple in Amritsar and Baba Buddha Ji was appointed to be the first Granthi.

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