Celebration of Vaisakhi 2016 in London and Italy | Khalsa Birth Baisakhi

Celebration of Vaisakhi 2016 in London and Italy | Khalsa Birth day Baisakhi

Vaisakhi (also spelled Baisakhi) is the festival which celebrates the founding of the Sikh community known as the Khalsa. It is celebrated on April 14 each year.

People in the Punjab Region regards Vaisakhi as a harvest festival and the Punjabi new year.

The Panj Pyare were then baptized in a unique ceremony called pahul on this day of Vaisakhi (baisakhi). Guru Gobind Singh prepared amrit (holy water) in a bowl using a short steel sword. Then the Guru’s wife, Mata Sundri, added patashas (sugar crystals) into the amrit. After completing prayers, Guru Gobind Singh sprinkled the amrit on each of the Panj Pyare. The Guru then knelt before the five and asked them to baptize him as well. The Guru proclaimed that the Panj Pyare would be the embodiment of the Guru himself: “Where there are Panj Pyare, there am I. When the Five meet, they are the holiest of the holy.”

Breathtaking Gatka in Hola Mohalla 2015 | Sikh Festival Hola Mahalla

Hola Mohalla at Anandpur Sahib Punjab | Sikh Festival Hola Mahalla

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