Japji Sahib Full Path – Nitnem Sikh Prayer | Morning Prayer Japji sahib

Japji Sahib Full Path – Nitnem Sikh Prayer | Morning Prayer Japji sahib

Japji sahib bani is inscribed at the very beginning of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Japu(Punjabi: :ਜਪੁ), commonly known as Japji Sahib, is a Sikh hymn about God composed by Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of the faith. It is headed by Mool Mantra and followed by 38 hymns and completed with a final Salok at the end of this composition.

ik-oNkaar sat naam kartaa purakh nirbha-o nirvair akaal moorat ajoonee saibhaN gur parsaad.
The Japji Sahib is the crowning jewel of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Adi Granth). For some reason millions of Sikhs do not seem aware of the Aykaa Mayee (One Divine Mother) that Guru Nanak reveals on page 7, Line: 2, of the Japji Sahib. How is it possible that Sikhs remain ignorant despite five centuries of daily recital of the Japji Sahib? Why is the Divine Mother unknown to Sikhs despite being entrenched in the Japji Sahib (Guru Nanak) and Jaap Sahib (Guru Gobind Singh)? How did Sikh theologians manage to obscure so clear a presence?

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