Lifestyle of a Sikh – Sikh way of life | Sikh Guru’s lifestyle

lifestyle of a Sikh – Sikh way of life | Sikh people lifestyle

Lifestyle: Sikh Gurus themselves lived a family and social life and showed everyone how one can be close to God while living a family life. Sikh Guru created a lifestyle for Sikhs. Sikhs that follow this lifestyle are less likely to deviate from the path to God. Sikh lifestyle includes:

Naam Japna (Meditation): A Sikh is to engage in a daily practice of meditation by reciting and chanting of God’s Name. Sikhism instructs that Salvation can only be attained by meditating on One God. Daily recitation also keeps Sikhs focused in life.
Kirat Karni (Honest Lifestyle): To live honestly and earn by ones physical and mental effort while accepting God’s gifts and blessings. A Sikh should never engage in dishonest means of making money.
Vand Chakna (Sharing): The Sikhs are asked to share their wealth within the community and outside by practicing charity (Daan). Sikhism instructs to “Share and consume together”.
Seva (Selfless Service): It is the duty of every Sikh to engage in Seva whenever there is a possibility. A Sikh can volunteer at Gurdwara Sahib; community centre; senior living centers; care centers, major world disasters, etc. Seva is important to Sikhs because it helps build a better community and also keeps the Sikhs humble by suppressing ego.
Five Vices: A Sikh needs to overcome five vices of Lust, Anger, Greed, Emotional Attachment and Ego. » More Info
Five Traits: A Sikh need to develop and harness positive human qualities which leads the soul closer to God. These five qualities are: Truth, Compassion, Contentment, Humble, and Love.
Five Verses: Reading 5 verses from Sikh scriptures everyday keeps one in focus towards God.
Five Ks: Wearing 5 Ks (Five Articles of Faith) Uncut Hair, Comb, Bracelet, Sacred Knife and Sacred Shorts keeps one focused in life.
Alcohol and Drugs: Consuming alcohol, smoke and drugs is an obstruction in meeting God.
Food: A Sikh should eat simple and vegetarian food.


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