Rehras Sahib Full Path

Rehras Sahib Full Path – Rehraas Sahib is collection of hymns of five different Gurus. The Rehras as recorded in the Guru Granth Sahib contains hymns of only Guru Nanakji, Guru Amardas ji, Guru Ramdas ji and Guru Arjan Dev j. The compositions of Guru Gobind Singh ji were added in Rehras Sahib. Recite after you’ve worked hard and feel tired. It adds energy to your being. It covers your business actions and living environments. It helps you when you are physically weak, weak in money, property and earthly matters; when you feel hopeless, unsuccessful or worthless. Bayntee Chaopaee is Guru Gobind Singh’s personal prayer for protection and is to liberate the soul. Related to water element. Its recited so that one does not have to leave Sach Khand (highest spiritual plane.

Nitnem is a collaboration of different banis that were designated to be read by Sikhs every day. The Nitnem bani’s usually include the Panj bania (5 bani’s below) and sometimes Rehiras Sahib and Kirtan Sohila.
The following 5 Banis are normally read by practising Sikhs early in the morning.
1 Japji Sahib
2 Jaap Sahib
3 Tav Prasad Swaiye
4 Beynti Chaopai
5 Anand Sahib

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