Top 10 things that destroy your Happiness!!

Top 10 things that destroy your Happiness!!

Rarely do I meet someone who is intentionally trying to ruin their life. On occasion, someone might be trying to gain attention by intentionally making bad choices. But most of the time, we ruin our lives without realizing it.

While there isn’t an easy formula to success, failure is much more predictable. Some actions are almost guaranteed to lead to destruction.

We often hear it, but how true is the phrase ‘Money can’t buy happiness’? Is there a correlation between the two, and if so, what can we learn

Life is like a house that needs to be built and maintained. People try to avoid many realities and continue to ruin what’s good in their life without even noticing. Such poor choices don’t have to be made by you. Being happy and successful starts with acknowledging what damage you are doing to yourself right now and doing well to fix it.

1. You ruin your life when you don’t forgive
You can’t take life too seriously. People will hurt you and you will hurt others. Holding on to grudges or anger will only blind you from focusing on what is truly important.
2. You ruin your life when you keep a job you don’t like
Sometime you keep a job because you want a steady paycheck. But why jeopardize your happiness and focus on the present rather than on the future where you are free and happy?
3. You ruin your life when you care about what others think
You can’t please anyone. Caring about what others think will only make you empty as people will end up hurting and disappointing you.
4. You ruin your life when you don’t take care yourself
Your body is your vehicle to success. Treating your body right by eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not only secure a healthy future but boost your self-esteem now.


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